I’ve been writing more lately. This week I wrote some thoughts about social media. You can read them if you want, or you can go watch some funny dog videos, like I’m about to do while I eat sushi on my lunch break. 🍱❤️

My name is Mariah. Welcome to my blog! 

My husband, daughter and I call Minnesota our home. 

I work as an AD and post-production editor at Capture Film Co., AKA the best place to work in the upper-midwest. On the side I sell digital downloads for dreamers and doers over at Day Maker Co.  

I created this blog to serve as my own creative outlet, allowing all my seemingly unrelated interests to find a home that they could settle into.

Wondering what these interests of mine are? Here are just a few:

Video production. Interior Design. Books. Productivity. Art. Mindfulness. Faith. Entrepreneurship. Writing. Black & White Photography. Slow fashion. Podcasts. Psychology. Pasta. The list goes on. 

I’m not “blogging” to make money or to create a personal brand. 

This blog serves as a personal archive to record my thoughts, interests and memories for future generations to come. I don’t promote it much but I am around here quite often these days. If you’d like to stay in touch with any of the content I’ll be creating around here, you can simply hit subscribe.  

Thank you for stopping by!

Stay curious,