The Return of Gatherware

Gatherware started in 2015 as a one-man operation, ran by yours truly (hi, it’s Mariah!). I worked on the business in my spare time outside of my full-time job and it quickly grew to become more than I ever would have anticipated.

I spent my weeknights painting & packing bowls inside my tiny Minneapolis apartment while listening to Cereal podcast.

I eventually went on to get married, move into two different houses and give birth to our first baby girl, Ella! To put it plainly, life got busy! I put my bowls and my paints up on the top shelf, literally and figuratively.

As the dust begins to settle on our lives, my husband and I continue to coming back to Gatherware with fond memories and fresh vision. It’s like a repeating dream that we can’t stop having. Messages were flooding into our inbox, asking when the next launch date would be, or where the waiting list could be found. Honestly, I was shocked. I didn’t realize that these bowls not only found a place in your home, but in your lives as well. You asked to place extra orders as wedding gifts for your friends. For extra seating at your family dinners. Eventually, I couldn’t ignore your stream of messages. My husband and I knew that at the least, we needed to open the store out of courtesy to all the awesome customers who have been nothing short of supportive.

So… here we are! Beginning again.

As a mamma, I am coming out of my newborn haze and I am ready to give back to the world creatively once again.

Recently, our basement flooded with water, resulting in a full demolition of what once existed. Without having to say anything, my husband and I both knew this was our chance to set up new roots in our home for this Gatherware community.

Over the next few weeks, we will be constructing a studio for Gatherware operations out of our basement. I hope to include you guys in this part of the process & keep you updated on all the changes that will be coming to the brand. In the meantime, I am working on our new website alongside a soft-rebrand.

Once the website goes live, we will not only have our signature bowls that feature black/ gold dots, but we will be featuring limited edition designs that will drop on a quarterly basis. I am so excited about this new aspect of Gatherware! I hope to provide fresh designs that suit the lifestyles of our customers through changing homes and changing seasons. I plan on including you in this process on social media, to understand what designs you truly wish to see.  

Overall, I am so excited to re-introduce you to Gatherware this summer. Thank you so much for your ongoing support & encouragement. You guys are truly the greatest!!

Stay tuned!