A Slow, Steady Burn

I spent the last few months of my life letting go of the things I used to let define me. I assessed my values. I assessed my motives. I gave myself permission to slow down my “output” and focus on my input.

I read. I listened. I watched. I waited.

We live in a day-and-age where “running on empty” gets glorified, as long as you appear to be successful / influential on platforms like this one. 

But what is an oil lamp without its supply of oil? 

Well... it’s a useless object. It can’t sustain a slow burn, because there’s no substance behind it. Yet somehow, I used to think I could live my life like this... without there being any consequences. To put it simply, I was only a spark. 

But one day, I woke up and realized... I would rather live my life like a slow, steady flame. One that is fueled with the right intentions. One that burns with purpose, not for attention. One that is useful in lighting the way for others. 

I needed to pause -
and fill up my metaphorical lamp. 🕯

This meant getting healthy; emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It’s been hard work. And I am still a work in progress. But my life has undoubtedly been changed by the process. 
Thank you to all of those who have stuck around & offered support through this exciting, challenging & rewarding season. 

Life is all about people, and I know some really good people. Which makes this… a really good life. 

Grateful for the journey.

God is good.