Baby Smith

Holy smokes. I can't believe I'm writing this blog post. 

That's right, Perry and I are officially pregnant with our first child!

To say that the last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind would be an understatement. Nothing has changed our lives more than the realization that we are about to become parents. What!! Perry has been talking to the baby inside my belly ever since we saw that positive pregnancy test and his love for it is already making my heart melt on the daily. He’s also been driving around late at night to pick up any dinner that actually sounds good to me. Spaghetti, five guys french fries or chocolate cub foods donuts. 

Morning sickness is for real... but it’s literally morning, noon and night (WHY) and the fatigue is starting to get reallyyyy old. But every time we go to the doctors office & hear that little heartbeat I’m reminded that this is one of the greatest privileges we will carry in our lifetime. To raise little humans who will learn to laugh, lead & love on their own. We truly feel like God brought this baby into our life at the perfect time & wow I am beginning to sound more cheesy than ever before. 

Anyways, we are so flipping excited to let the news out. I swear, EVERYONE has been asking us about babies lately. So... here goes nothing. Cheers to next adventure