Being Present

Today was *such* a good day. I’ve been working on being more present whenever I’m around Ella and it’s been an extremely refreshing breath of fresh air that I didn’t really realize I needed. Seeing the world through her eyes has taught me so much about finding joy and wonder throughout our everyday little adventures. Lately she hates it whenever I’m on my phone, so I literally have to run to the bathroom if I want to check my Instagram or respond to a message. At first this was quite the conundrum but now I’m so grateful for it, because I’m finding that I’m just *happier*. Learning how to sit in silence and play with whatever’s around us... whether it’s a pile of blocks or a pile of dirt... it’s just been really good for my soul. Grateful for every moment I’ve been able to soak up outside & with Ella this summer. It’s truly been one for the books. 🌝💕