The Only App That Wakes Me Up

If you struggle with waking up in the morning, you’re in good company.

Not only am I the deepest sleeper in my family but I’ve been known to do unpredictable things in my sleep as well. A lot of times it’s self sabotaging. I’ve unplugged my alarm clock in my sleep. I’ve pulled my phone under my body to tune out the noise. I’ve snoozed a dozen times without even being conscious of it. Once, I woke up at 12:30pm when I was supposed to be somewhere by 7:45 am. Story of my teenage life.

Then I found this lifesaving app called Alarmy Pro. On the day's that I decide to use it, it wakes me up without question. Notice how I say “on the days I decide to use it” because it’s insanely annoying and I don’t like to set it unless I have to guarantee I’m awake at a certain time.

I’ve tried almost every alarm clock in the app store but Alarmy is the only one that works for me.

These are the two ways I use it:

  1. Shake To Wake: The alarm will increase in volume until you shake your iPhone a set amount of times. If you want to snooze, you gotta shake. This is my low level option because I can do it in bed.

  2. Take a Photo: The alarm will increase in volume until you take a photo of an object you’ve specified. Again, you can’t snooze until you take this photo. Mine is of my coffee maker, so I have to sprint downstairs as fast as I can before the volume gets so loud that it wakes up my baby. This option works 100% of the time.

You’re welcome.